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Logo - Vostok - WHITE - Horizontal


Branding Concept vostok
Branding // Flyer // Graphic design // Logo // SELECTED // Web design

Vostok is a mechanical engineering and construction firm based in Panama that required our services for the creation of the logo, website, and corporate stationery.

Logo - Vostok - WHITE - Horizontal
Logo - Vostok - WHITE - Vertical

Materials inspired by the colors orange and lead gray were created, the latter alluding to construction and metals. Likewise, a set of lines that stood out thanks to the striking orange color was used.

Favicon - Vostok - BLACK - Square


A web page was designed in which the client showed their information, services, and contact details.

Vostok - Mockup2
Vostok - Mockup
Vostok - Mockup3
Vostok Mockup
Vostok business card 1
Vostok business card 2
Logo - Vostok - WHITE - Vertical
2020 Branding Concept Vostok