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Logo final-02


Branding Concept Triplecoin
Branding // Graphic design // SELECTED // Web design

Triplecoin was a cryptocurrency trading website project based in Venezuela and Panama, which included learning resources about crypto, trading, and other financial operations.

We were contacted to work on the creation of its branding and the development of its website, where it would be integrated with the part of the crypto exchange.


For the creation of the logo, we were inspired by the coin and card slots that had machines such as video game arcades, public telephones, ATMs, and other devices, in which you had to insert a coin to make it work. In this case, work was done to create a figure of three coin/card slots or “Triplecoin”.

TRIPLECOIN Logo Source Files-01
TRIPLECOIN Logo Source Files-02
TRIPLECOIN Logo Source Files-05

A range of green colors was used to symbolize the exchange of money. Likewise, a brand book was created with the regulations for the use of the logo and the design of the applications.

Triplecoin 3


A Wordpress-based website was designed with all the information about the company and the cryptocurrency trade. Later the exchange platform would be installed.

Triplecoin - Mockup - Home - Low
Triplecoin - Mockup - 03 - SERVICIOS
Triplecoin - Mockup - 04 - FAQ
TRIPLECOIN Logo Source Files-01
2018 Branding Triplecoin