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La Guagua 47

Branding Concept la guagua 47
Branding // Graphic design // Landing page // Logo // SELECTED // Web design

La Guagua 47 is a musical film (short) that is based on an unforgettable experience that the film’s Puerto Rican producer, composer, and artistic director, Alba Martínez, had in 1985 when she first arrived in Philadelphia. The film tells the story of a young migrant who recently arrived in a large metropolis and felt very lonely, missing her Latin people and culture. One day he finds out about the 47 bus and embarks on a journey that will change her life. The film is a joyous one about Latinidad and the celebration of belonging.

More than 300 artists and members of the Philadelphia community poured their hearts, minds, and talents into La Guagua 47. They contributed visual arts, music, dance, film, fashion, makeup, and storytelling to create a beautiful and moving tribute to a community that rarely gets the spotlight. La Guagua 47 claims space for the voiceless and speaks of the universal need to belong. It celebrates the beauty of underserved communities and is a journey that brings people together.

CCS was hired from the beginning to create the image, logo, art, website, and other platforms and media that the project required.


The project tried to reflect the identity of being LATINO. That is why the logo proposal was based on reflecting the diversity and joy that characterizes us Latin Americans, in addition to having to represent the street and everyday life.

Some first logo sketches were made for La Guagua 47:

Mesa de trabajo 1 copialdpi
Identidad Gráfica La Guagua 47
propuesta vieja 2
Identidad Gráfica La Guagua 47 Versiones semifinales
Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 3ldpi
Propuestas Iniciales La Guagua 47_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 3

Finally we opted for option 2, which combined different font styles. Additionally, we add a palette of bright colors to give it dynamism and reflect the joy of salsa.

La Guagua 47 logo_Color_woGuagua
La Guagua 47 2 3

Website Landing Page

A landing page was designed in order to publish all the information related to the film, in addition to attracting new subscribers and potential sponsors for the project. In its first phase it served to professionally present the project, before its completion, in order to get sponsors and financing. Later, during the execution and recording of the film, it served to publish calls to the community and register them in order to achieve their participation in the film. Currently, the web contains information on the film, awards, behind the scenes and press articles. In addition, interested people can always be in contact with the creative team of the film.

First phase of the Landing Page design.

Ritmo Lab - Web - Landing Page - 01 (1)

Current and final website.

La Guagua 47 - Available Now 1080 x 1080ldpi
Invitation - Manos en la obra A Celebration of Latinx Artists - FINAL
Instagram Storie_4ldpi
Instagram Storie_1ldpi
Dance Workshops_4ldpi
Dance Workshops_5ldpi
La Guagua 47 - Available Now Storieldpi
Manos en la obra a celebration of latinx artist IG Storieldpi
Storie 1
Storie 3
Step and Release 3ldpi
vf copialdpi
La Guagua 47 logo_Color_woGuagua
2022 Branding Concept La Guagua 47