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Ecuadorian Export Company

Ecuadorian Export Company

Branding Concept
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This company, dedicated to the export of tropical and exotic fruits to Europe and Asia, had a logo with which the client was not satisfied. In addition, they did not have a website, which they urgently needed to be able to present their products and services with greater ease and reach.

For this, we started the project by creating a new brand identity, starting with the creation of a logo that integrated the elements they wanted to maintain, which were: the colors of Ecuador and the concept of fruit.

Ecuadorian Export Company viejo@2x
Ecuadorian Export Company nuevo@2x

Subsequently, the web page and a printed brochure with information on its services were developed.

brochure mockup 3
Mockups Design

Additionally, we were asked to design a box where the products would be packed and a “tie” to accompany each fruit. For the box, we designed a die for which we then created an original and modern design that would make the fruits of the Ecuadorian Export Company stand out among the imported fruit packages.

Artboard 2@2x
Artboard 4@2x
Ecuadorian Export Company piña@2x
Sello mockup 2
Web mockup
Ecuadorian Export Company Logo - 01
2020 Branding Concept Ecuadorian Export Company